Mock Convention is a student organization run entirely by Washington and Lee University undergraduates. Continuing a long tradition of interdisciplinary excellence, the organization's student leaders represent a diverse cross-section of the academic and extracurricular pursuits W&L has to offer. At every level, the organization's students are committed to putting Mock Convention's goal into action in the university and greater community.

The General department oversees the organization's leadership and is responsible for upholding and furthering the mission of Mock Convention: to inspire enthusiastic engagement and active participation in the electoral process in both the Washington and Lee Univeristy community and the public at large.

At the center of Mock Convention is its political research project. The task at hand is staggering: predicting the distribution of more than 2,000 delegates to the Republican National Convention. In addition, the Political department is responsible for making connections with and inviting key political leaders to speak at organization events.

The Financial department manages the organization's fundraising efforts and budgeting strategies. As Mock Convention is not directly funded by Washington and Lee University, much effort and careful planning goes into raising and effectively deploying the organization's resources.

The Communications department is in charge of promoting the organization on all levels: in the Washington and Lee University community, and to the nation at large. Communications manages the organization's advertisements, publications, online presence, and greater technological needs.

The Operations department is in charge of the non-political aspects of the Mock Convention student experience. Operations must create a professional environment that rivals the quality of a true national convention and associated events. The department is also the chief memory-maker, responsible for exciting experiences and memorabilia.