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What is mock con?

The Washington and Lee University Mock Convention is a simulated presidential nominating convention held every four years by the students of W&L. Its goal is to predict who the party out of power in the White House will nominate to run for President of the United States.

Since 1908, the students of Washington and Lee University have come together to create one of the most ambitious, non-partisan student political research projects in the country. With the stage set for an intense contest for the 2020 Democratic nomination, we invite you to join us as, for the 27th time, we celebrate the complexity and importance of the electoral process.


Our Mission

We are ambitious, we are dedicated, and most of all, we are determined to get this right.

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Mock Con 2020 is dedicated to being sustainable in all respects, from our daily operations to the Convention itself.

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Delegates are the backbone of the Convention. Out of all the students who participate in Mock Convention, over 90% participate as a delegate for one of the 57 student delegations.

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