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Our Commitment

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Why be sustainable?

We challenge ourselves to constantly improve our environmental footprint.

Mock Con 2020 is dedicated to being sustainable in all respects; we want to have a lasting impact on the memories of our community, not just the environment. Our influence on campus provides us with the capability to make a positive impact on W&L, securing the future of Mock Convention.

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The 2020 cycle is committed to making Blue meet Green. Sustainability plays a key role as we not only spread awareness but also hold glass drives, upcycle dresses, work with local producers, and go paperless for the Convention weekend. Through these efforts, we help W&L care for the planet and encourage people to appreciate the world around them. Not only can we reduce physical waste, but we can steward our resources as efficiently as possible.

Raising Awareness

For Earth Month 2019, Mock Con launched a comprehensive Sustainability Initiative to raise awareness about the current state of W&L sustainability. Compiling statistics from the campus energy database and student organizations such as the Student Environmental Action League (SEAL), we displayed everything from current housing energy consumption to dining hall food waste. In addition to digital signage around campus, we engaged with the Mock Con audience across all social media platforms to promote sustainable living.

“The Mock Con Sustainability Initiative affords us a unique opportunity to connect with other student organizations to spread awareness and encourage the student body to live more sustainably.”

–– Killian Green, Marketing Chair

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Sustainability Tips

Earth Month 2019 was the first of many Convention efforts to promote sustainability. Launching a green education campaign, our team sourced sustainable living tips and promoted life outside of screens.

Glass Drive

One key aspect of sustainability is not just waste reduction but also waste recycling. Despite the existing recycling infrastructure in place, Lexington lacks the capacity to recycle glass. Our Earth Month campaign culminated in a Glass Drive where members of the Mock Con Team collected over 600 lbs of glass from students.

“The glass drive was a great way to get people excited about sustainability on campus and further a means to reach beyond Lexington to make a difference for the Earth!”

–– Layne Smith, General Secretary

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Nature is calling

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It’s important not only to respect the planet in waste production and energy consumption but also to admire its beauty. Stop and take a look around you. We often see the world through our screens and, in doing so, miss so much. Don’t just take a photo of it, get out there and truly experience it.

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“I truly believe the best way to ensure the longevity of this institution is to protect the health of the planet and its people. Mock Con has always had a focus on our local environment. This time, we are just explicitly citing this dedication.”

Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons, Sustainability Chair

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Our challenge

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