Name: Joe Biden

 Home District/Town: Wilmington, Delaware

 Key Platforms/Points: Biden is pitching himself as the most experienced and electable candidate. He hopes to win back many of the “Obama Coalition” voters that Trump won in 2016 – working class voters, particularly in the Midwest. He has strong ties to Pennsylvania, a key swing state.

 Age: 76

 Experience: Vice President, Senator

 Biggest following/Supporters: Moderate Democrats and working class voters

 Fun fact: During law school, Joe Biden failed a class because he improperly cited a reference to an article.

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Name: Elizabeth Warren

Home District/Town: Massachusetts

Key Platforms/Points: Senator Warren is pitching herself as a policy expert, particularly financial policy. She has stated that she intends to hold big businesses accountable and has proposed additional taxes on the wealthy. She is known for publicly outlining detailed policy proposals.

Age: 70

Experience: Senator, former professor

Biggest following/Supporters: People with college and post-graduate degrees, women, and older voters.

Fun fact: Senator Warren’s campaign slogan is “I have a plan for that”. She has even offered to help plan a supporter’s dating life. She was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


 Name: Kamala Harris

 Home District/Town: San Francisco, California

 Key Platforms/Points: Harris is positioning herself as a pragmatic fighter who can take on Trump. She built a following during her tough questioning of Justice Kavanaugh, and her exchange with Biden about segregation and busing during the debate. 

 Age: 54

 Experience:  Senator, Attorney General of California, District Attorney of San Francisco

Biggest following/Supporters: Kamala Harris is fairly popular in California, but is struggling to find a consistent base of supporters. 

 Fun fact: Kamala Harris is the second African American woman to hold a seat on the United States Senate.

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Name: Pete Buttigieg

Home District/Town: South Bend, IN

Key Platforms/Points: The young South Bend mayor is making a giant leap in his campaign for the 2020 Democratic Nominee. Buttigieg is the first openly gay man to run for President. His background in the United States military and as an observing Catholic have provided interesting foils thus far in the Primary. He is in favor of expanding Obamacare and increasing public protection of jobs and benefits. 

Age: 37

Experience: Mayor (South Bend, IN)

Biggest following/Supporters: Millennials, LGBTQ voters, voters from flyover states, social progressives.

Fun fact: Buttigieg is an Afghanistan War Veteran. He became a naval intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve in 2009. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 for seven months.

Candidacy Video:


Name: Bernie Sanders

Home District/Town: Born in Brooklyn, NY. Represents Vermont (VT)

Key Platforms/Points: Bernie Sanders has made his name as one of the most prominent progressive politicians in American history. His key issues include Medicare-For-All (without a public option), fixing income inequality, and climate change. He is hoping to reignite the same base that pushed his campaign into the 2016 mainstream against Hilary Clinton.

Age: 78

Experience: Mayor (Burlington), Representative (At-Large VT district), Senator (VT)

Biggest following/Supporters: The ‘Bernie-Bro’, low income/education voters, progressive African Americans

Fun fact: Bernie lost his very first campaign as he ran to be class president at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, New York.

Candidacy Video:


Name: Beto O’Rourke

Home District/Town: El Paso, TX 

Key Platforms/Points: The previously unknown Texas representative burst onto the political scene after challenging Ted Cruz in the 2018 Senate Midterm Election. After the recent El Paso shootings, O’Rourke has made gun control a focal point of his campaign calling for a mandatory buyback program. Given El Paso’s proximity to the border, he has also been strong in speaking out against the Trump Administration’s immigration policies. However, O’Rourke’s policies have been criticized for lacking specifics.

Age: 46

Experience: U.S. Representative, El Paso City Councilman

Biggest following/Supporters: Democrats disillusioned with party leadership (especially millennials), immigrants, younger voters

Fun fact: While in college at Columbia University, O'Rourke co-founded the band Foss, which took its name from the Icelandic word for waterfall. The group put out an album, "The El Paso Pussycats," in 1993 and toured the U.S. and Canada that summer.

 Candidacy Video:


Name: Tulsi Gabbard

Home District/Town: Hawaii (2nd District)

Key Platforms/Points: The former combat veteran is strong on foreign policy. Her experience in Iraq and Kuwait, as a Major in the Hawaii National Guard, gives her a natural authenticity when railing against “regime change wars.” She is hardline anti-interventionist. However, polls show that foreign policy does not hold the same level of importance in Democratic voters’ minds when compared to health care, immigration, and the economy. As such, her campaign has struggled to get off the ground compared to the rest of the debate field.

Age: 37

Experience: U.S. Representative, Vice Chair of Democratic National Committee, Honolulu City Council

Biggest following/Supporters: Veterans, some progressives, voters looking to reduce military spending.

Fun fact: Gabbard is the first Hindu and American Samoan member of Congress.

Candidacy Video:


Name: Cory Booker

Home District/Town: Newark, NJ

Key Platforms/Points: Booker has promoted the concept of national unity throughout the duration of his campaign. Beyond that message, he has worked to expand criminal justice reform. He has been lauded for his role in the Next Step Act, which aims to reduce mass incarceration at the Federal Level. Parallel to this, he has done extensive work regarding wealth inequality, Medicare-for-all, and marijuana legalization. Recently, he introduced a bill that would open a research committee into reparations for the descendants of slaves.

Age: 49

Experience: Mayor (Newark), U.S. Senator (NJ)

Biggest following/Supporters: Voters looking for an optimistic message to contrast Trump’s negativity, northeastern city dwellers, younger minority voters.

Fun fact: Booker was a star football recruit coming out of high school. He ended up committing to Stanford as a Tight End. He finished his collegiate career with 20 catches and one touchdown.

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Name: Amy Klobuchar

 Home District/Town: Plymouth, Minnesota

 Key Platforms/Points: Amy Klobuchar is positioning herself as a tough moderate who can win back portions of the Midwest. 

 Age: 59

 Experience: Senator

 Biggest following/Supporters: Klobuchar is popular in Minnesota and the Midwest.

 Interesting fact: Amy Klobuchar is widely known to treat her staff terribly. A New York Times article described her as abusive and demeaning, and outlined incidents where she threw objects at staffers or berated them in front of their colleagues. 

Candidacy Video:


 Name: Andrew Yang

 Home District/Town: New York City, New York

 Key Platforms/Points: Andrew Yang is proposing a program that would give $1000 per month to every adult in America, which he believes will offset the decreasing number of jobs in an increasingly automated world. His campaign slogan is MATH, which stands for “Make America Think Harder.”

 Age: 44 

 Experience: Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Philanthropist. Yang is the founder of a nonprofit focused on creating jobs in struggling American cities, Venture for America (VFA).

 Biggest following/Supporters: Yang has a small number of incredibly dedicated supporters, known collectively as the “Yang Gang.”

 Fun fact:  In 1992, he traveled to London as a member of the US National Debate Team. He also published a book in 2014 titled, "Smart People Should Build Things: How to Restore Our Culture of Achievement, Build a Path for Entrepreneurs, and Create New Jobs in America."

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Name: Julián Castro

Home District/Town: San Antonio, Texas

 Key Platforms/Points: Castro is positioning himself as a leader on Medicare-for-all and immigration reform. 

 Age: 45

 Experience: United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Mayor of San Antonio Texas

 Biggest following/Supporters: Castro is popular in Texas but is struggling to find a national following. 

 Fun fact: He is one minute older than his twin brother, Joaquin Castro, who is a current member of Congress. 

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Name: Tom Steyer

 Home District/Town: New York City, New York

 Key Platforms/Points: Steyer is positioning himself as a leader on climate change and the economy. The billionaire hedge fund manager has staked his campaign on the impeachment of Trump. After stepping down from the hedge fund in 2012, Steyer founded Need to Impeach, a group dedicated to removing Trump from office. Although Steyer resigned as its President in 2019, he grew the group to over 8.3 million signees. If nothing else, this gives him the semblance of a voter base that he can contact and build upon as the campaign rages on.

 Age: 62

 Experience: Hedge Fund Manager, billionaire Democratic donor

 Biggest following/Supporters: Steyer spent $1.4 million dollars on early ad buys, allowing him to garner the name recognition and donors required to make the cut for some of the Democratic debates. 

 Fun fact: Steyer and wife signed The Giving Pledge, committing to giving away half of their fortune during his life. No one in American Politics has donated more during the 2016 election cycle. Thomas Steyer & F. & Kathryn Ann Fahr LLC/Tom Steyer donations accounted for $91,078,136, 100% of which went to Democratic or Liberal figures.

Candidacy Video: