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That may seem like the obvious answer, but getting it right means far more than just predicting the right candidate.

Getting it right for us means unifying the Washington and Lee campus and working together as a student body to put on the most accurate undergrad convention in the country. We work tirelessly to live up to the prestige of the previous conventions and to extend their legacy of excellence into our own convention cycle. Our goal is to orchestrate a grand convention that excites the student body with engaging speakers, beautiful graphics, lively events, high-quality memorabilia, and to top it all off, an accurate prediction.



We unite to predict.

We asked our Mock Convention leadership what the 2020 Mock Con meant to them as well as their overall mission for the project, here were their responses.

“Mock Con is a place where all members of the community can get involved in one of W&L’s great traditions.”
— Jimmy Fleck, General Chair
“Our mission is to leave a lasting legacy of accuracy and unity. In such a divisive world, we set the example for active political discourse.”
— Kyle Perel, National Political Analyst
“We seek not only to accurately forecast future presidential candidates, but also to unite the W&L community across party divisions to celebrate on our common ground- the freedom that is our civic duty.”
— Katie Daly, Events Chair
“Mock Convention is an opportunity for our student body to come together, regardless of political differences, to host professional events that showcase the best this University has to offer.”
— Donald LeCompte, Logistics Chair
“Mock Convention is my passion project. It’s amazing how exciting and unifying a completely student-run organization can be. Mock Convention cannot function without the support and enthusiasm of our W&L and Lexington community. Mock Convention is what W&L does best - and I believe it’s our job to maintain that legacy.”
— Kylie Piotte, Director of Operations
“Our convention has a proud tradition of correctly projecting the nominee for the party out of power. This tendency is why we have long been renowned and respected in primary politics. The mission of Mock Con to me is to ensure that the research we conduct is as holistic as possible and, most importantly, that our prediction of the Democratic nominee is ultimately correct.”
— Luke Basham, Democratic Party Analyst
“To me, Mock convention is about community. It means coming together to educate and inspire the students at our school as well as a larger community. We work as a unit to accurately predict outcomes. We touch hearts and minds around the country. This cannot be done without the use of social media as it plays a vital role in the process. It bridges the gap between our local committee and the rest of the country. We seek to share our unbiased data and results with everyone.”
— Gigi Lancaster, Social Media Director
“My goal for mock convention 2020 is to create a deeper sense of community as we explore modern events and navigate predictions. To be active citizens in our democracy, regardless of major, is one of the biggest opportunities an American can receive. I’m proud to be a part of it, and I hope others are as well.”
— Micah Holcomb, Democratic Party Analyst
“Mock Convention 2020 gives us the opportunity to work together to be an example of civility and unity at Washington and Lee.”
— Parker Catlett, Fundraising Chair
“Mock Convention is an experience unique to W&L and one that is teaching me skills, and providing me experiences I will carry with me ‘til the end of my days!”
— Victoria Morgan, Speakers Chair
“Washington and Lee Mock Convention is a wholly unique experience available to W&L students, not only because of its legacy, but also because of where the school is located. Being in Lexington, VA gives us such an amazing opportunity to be a unifying voice in the political world.
— Annie Lentz, Director of Communications
“This upcoming convention in 2020 is more than a group of students who admire and discuss politics all day long. It is a diverse group of individuals from all different backgrounds and majors who come together to celebrate our nation’s democracy in a memorable, fun and educational way.”
— Coleman Martinson, Memorabilia and Sales Chair
“Unity. We are one student body, one people, one nation. This convention puts aside political differences through the structured nature and manages something almost no one else achieves: togetherness in politics. Some common quotes are “United We Stand.” “We are stronger together”. “Where there is unity there is always victory”. Mock Con exemplifies that. Because we can come together in an apolitical environment to make a choice- we stand unified and therefore are victorious. This is more than being right: it’s about being together.”
— Kaitlyn Brock, Financial Controller
“Mock Convention is more than just a prediction. Mock Convention is a movement. It is people coming together from various different backgrounds with a common goal. In this time of political polarization, Mock Convention is a shining example of how politics should and can be conducted.”
— Liam McCann, Metadata Manager
“The mission of Mock Con is bigger than us. And it is bigger than Washington and Lee. While the team is eager to select the correct presidential nominee, we are also excited to demonstrate to citizens nationwide that young Americans are not apathetic about the upcoming election, but rather informed and invested. We look forward to engaging people of all backgrounds and viewpoints in intellectual conversations about the country in which we live in order to foster greater participation in America’s political landscape.”
— Emily Hershgordon, Press Secretary
“For me, this convention extends beyond the need to have a correct prediction. As my entire job revolves around one singular purpose, I understand the need and importance to continue the impeccable tradition of accuracy that we are known for, but I do not want to get caught up in our history or the stress of being correct. We need to look towards the future, and see how we can use this convention to do some good, whether it be by fostering a stronger sense of unity with the student body, the Lexington community, or even the entire nation, as surely all eyes will be on us as we venture into February 2020. I would like to see the whole organization and campus “unite to predict” in the apolitical tradition that makes our campus so unique. The Political Division would be more than happy to lead that charge.

In the end, the prediction is just that—a prediction. But it is the people that will make this convention, and make it a highlight of our college days.”
— John Harashinski, Political Chair