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Getting it right

That may seem like the obvious answer but ‘getting it right’ means far more than just predicting the right candidate.

To us, ‘getting it right’ means unifying the Washington and Lee campus. It means working together as a student body to put on an event that replicates as authentic a national convention as possible. Our efforts go towards making this Convention the best in every respect, be that in the design of our state delegations or in the depth and quality of the party platform.

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Washington and Lee’s Mock Convention holds the title of the most accurate mock national convention in the country.

This distinction stems from our team’s tireless research that begins years in advance of the presidential primary season. The prediction is the defining feature of Washington and Lee’s Mock Convention, culminating the excitement and dedication of the students.

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Since 1908, Washington and Lee has held Mock Convention 26 times. We have predicted the right candidate 20 times, and in 2020, we plan to make that 21.

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United to predict

Mock Convention comprises 95% of the student body.

Impressive in its own right, that’s more than any other organization on campus. Positions range from State Chairs to Videographers and from Security Guards to Executive Team members. There are opportunities for everyone on campus to get involved, and these opportunities do not end with just undergraduates.

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Through our scale and breadth of opportunities, Mock Convention encompasses 98% of the entire campus. That number includes faculty, staff and law students. Mock Con serves as the intersection of the Washington and Lee community, enabling students and alumni from all backgrounds and disciplines to unite while predicting the nominee.



We challenge ourselves to constantly improve our environmental footprint.

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Our influence on campus provides us with the capability to make a positive impact on W&L, securing the future of Mock Convention.

The 2020 cycle is committed to making Blue meet Green. Sustainability plays a key role as we not only spread awareness but also hold glass drives, upcycle dresses, hire local producers, and go paperless for the Convention weekend. Through these efforts, we help W&L care for the planet and encourage people to appreciate the world around them.

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 our legacy

Mock Convention has a long and storied past.

[Mock Convention has a long and storied past. The history of our organization is part of what makes it so special and so unique. We work persistently to live up to the prestige of our predecessors and to extend their legacy through our own convention cycle.

Although we look to honor the past, we look farther to support our future. This perspective echoes the motto of Washington and Lee, non incautus futuri (not unmindful of the future). We aim to grow Mock Convention, leaving a legacy of integrity, new pathways, and inclusion for many conventions to come.

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student perspectives

Mock Convention’s biggest strength is the students who work to make it happen. Our entirely student-run team enables us to be versatile and creative, work meticulously, and leverage the talents of both our members and the University.

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This distinction includes the ability for us to reflect on our own activities and initiatives. Our Resident Reporters work every day to report on what Mock Con is doing, making our process even more accessible and transparent.