It's Official: Donald J. Trump is Our 20th Correctly Predicted Nominee

Mock convention's unmatched record of excellence Continues, with 64 years of Accurate GOP predictions

Relive the weekend: Click here to watch the recorded livestreams of all four Convention Weekend 2016 sessions.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Remington and Davis Bateman.

I’ve been in politics long enough to know that if you want to see where a presidential election is headed, the place to be is at the Washington and Lee University Mock Convention
— Former Vice President Dick Cheney


Mock Convention 2016 predicts DONALD J. TRUMP to be the Republican Party Nominee. Click here to read more.



I think it’s very cool, and I will try to do my part to get it noticed by the presidential candidates and the platform committee.
— Former Speaker Newt Gingrich
Our talented and hard-working Platform Committee received well-deserved recognition from multiple speakers this weekend
for their Republican Party Platform.
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