Did you get a chance to read over our list of distinguished Convention Weekend speakers? While Mock Convention is certainly proud of the list of speakers for this unforgettable weekend, we are proudest of our students for booking such an impressive line-up.

Yup, you read that right: students. 

Members of the Speakers Committee, all of whom are undergraduate students, worked tirelessly to brainstorm, research, network and eventually book the individuals who are headlining Convention Weekend. According to Charles Correll, a member of the Speakers Committee, there are many ways to secure a speaker: personal connection, connection to someone with a connection, speakers bureau, schedulers of elected officials and representatives of presidential campaigns. 

“Mock Convention is truly a student-run event and that meant utilizing perhaps our most unique resource: student initiative,” said Charles.  “Ultimately, our goal was to secure speakers by accurately [and] persuasively articulating why appearing at Mock Convention was in a speaker’s best interest.”

A great amount of thought was put into generating an initial list of distinguished speakers that would add the most to this Mock Convention session.  Each member of the committee then received an individual assignment of potential speakers to contact and weekly meetings were held as a chance to come together as a team to decide on speakers, solve problems, and refocus any efforts. 

“This process required a great deal of trust, personal responsibility and strong work-ethic in order to succeed, and perhaps one cannot help but doubt the ability of college students to juggle so many personal relationships and a full course load,” said Charles.  “Nevertheless, we found that this not only proved possible, but highly successful.”

We tip our hats to you, Speakers Committee, for the incredible effort you put into securing such an impressive and exciting list of Speakers. We are counting down the days to Convention Weekend and cannot wait for the festivities to begin. Three more days!