Name: George Pataki

Previous Experience: After graduating from Columbia Law School, Pataki practiced law before being elected mayor of Peekskill, NY. From there he went on to serve as State Assemblyman, a State Senator and then served three terms as Governor of New York. Currently he is Of Counsel with Chadburne and Park LLC, and is president of The Pataki-Cahill Group, which works in energy, infrastructure and clean-tech.

Signature Issue: Social Issues. George Pataki is the only candidate in the Republican field that supports abortion.

Opportunities: If Pataki is blunt about the future of the party failing to adapt to increasingly socially progressive views, he could resonate with some voters. He has been honest in that he is long-shot for winning the nomination, but he wants his voice heard in the political conversations.

Challenges: Pataki has been out of office for nearly a decade, and he is much older than many of the other more moderate candidates who have higher national profiles recently, such as Bush, Rubio and Walker.

Did You Know? George Pataki met his wife Libby while bodysurfing in a hurricane.