February 11, 2015 marks the official 1-year countdown to Mock Convention 2016. Convention Weekend is the culminating event of the four-year-long research project that is Mock Con. As you all know by now, the goal of Mock Con is to accurately predict the presidential nominee for the party that is currently out of power. In exactly 365 days from Wednesday, our student body will aim to predict the Republican nominee for our nation’s 2016 presidential election.

The odds are ever in our favor: Mock Con has only made two incorrect predictions since 1948. Still, that’s not to say that the participants of Mock Con make their predictions lightly. Years of researching the potential candidates, analyzing poll numbers, making calls to real-life politicians, and establishing a long list of connections finally pay off when Convention Weekend rolls around.

Convention Weekend is like a showcase of Mock Con’s hard work. It is when the Tri-Chairs, the Regional Chairs, the State Chairs, and everyone else who makes Mock Con possible get to unveil their findings. The Tri-Chairs have been working towards this goal since their freshman year at W&L. The Regional Chairs were selected in the fall, and have been busy getting things ready to begin the intensive period of their research. The State Chairs, who are responsible for coordinating the research within each specific state, were elected over the weekend. The final list of all 55 State Chairs will be announced this week on the blog and on our social media sites.

So, while much of the preparations for Mock Con 2016 have been in the works for three years, everything is now in place for the bulk of the research to begin. We don’t know yet who the guest speakers will be; we don't know if any exotic animals will grace our presence at the parade; we don’t know what the final prediction will be. But we do know one thing for sure: it will be a weekend we'll never forget.