Mock Convention is excited to welcome more than 60 new people to the Mock Con family. After an extensive application and interview processes, State Chairs and a Security Team have been selected.

The State Chairs are in charge of making connections with professionals from their particular state. Through these connections, the State Chairs will try to discern how people within their state will vote. In addition, state chairs follow local and statewide news and polling data to keep up with the local political climate.

The State Chairs are divided into five regions of the U.S.

Katherine Hodges, Mock Con Political Chair, is looking forward to working with the new state chairs.

“It was a long and tough process because we had a lot of very talented students. I can’t wait to see how the State Chairs fit into the organization,” Hodges said.

The Political Team is now the largest side of the Mock Con organization and will continue to grow as state delegates are selected.

The Logistics Team also announced their selections for Mock Con’s Security Team:

Robert Conley ‘17

Rowan Farrell ‘18

Bennet Habliston ‘17

Matthew Kaminer ‘18

Timothy Landers ‘17

Kate McCreary ‘17

Raymond Monasterski ‘16

Araba Wubah ‘17

The Security Team will be responsible for making sure Mock Convention events are safe for everyone involved. Security officers will be present at all Mock Con events to ensure that the convention meets its goals without having to deal with any unexpected interruptions or hazards.

Logistics Chair Jack Anderson is looking forward to seeing his security team in action.

“I am really excited to see how the team does during Spring Kickoff. It will be a very busy week, and serve as a barometer for our future work during the convention next February,” he said.

Sophomore Araba Wubah is also anticipating her new position on the Security Team.

“I am really excited to cooperate with the local law enforcement, escort VIP, and make sure everyone has a safe and fun Mock Con,” she said.

Congrats to everyone for becoming a part of Mock Convention! To stay updated on new applications, check here.