Ladies and gentlemen, I write to you with a heart aflutter and with fingers a-tapping. Why? Because in less than one week, the night you've been waiting for your whole life (ok, that's a bit hyperbolic...the night you've been waiting for the whole semester) will be upon us.

Mock Con Gala, "A Grand Old Party," will be a night you won't soon forget. How can I be so sure? Well I'm no medium, but the gala's reputation is the stuff of legends. The whispers you hear from professors and alumni about the evening's magical atmosphere is enough to ignite the Cinderella fantasies within all of us. Like a pumpkin becomes a carriage, Doremus Gymnasium will transform into a ballroom of epic proportions. 

"When you arrive at the gala, we want you to feel the glamour and sophistication of the days of Jackie O and JFK," said Madison Smith, Mock Con Events Chair. "Mock Convention is giving the community an inside look into what it would be like to experience a real inaugural ball." 

Don't forget, a special night calls for special attire. For the gals, that means long dresses or "evening gowns." For the fellahs, it's time to dust off the old tux (or schedule an appointment at the rental shop.) 

If you want something else besides photos and funny anecdotes to remember the gala by, stop in to Commons any day this week to buy gala-inspired memorabilia. Tickets will also be sold in Commons throughout the week. Prices are as follows: $45 for an individual ticket, $80 for couples tickets. 

So if you're not walking up the steps of the gym next Saturday night at 8 p.m., you'll be missing out. Don't miss out: go gala.