Well, that’s all for now folks! Mock Con kicked off the convention season with a bang last weekend and man, was it A Grand Old Party.

Guys and gals flocked to our beautifully transformed gym in their gorgeous floor-length gowns and handsome tuxedos.  The line wrapped around all the way to the quad and the crowd was anxious to get into the party.

The gym was absolutely breathtaking: the twinkling lights, the stars hanging from the ceiling, the big screen proudly displaying our famous American leaders, and last, but certainly not the least, the rockin’ band who made the night so memorable.

As a senior and a newly turned 21-year-old, I spent the majority of my night in the bier garten, along with most of my grade.  It was like a mini-reunion for the senior class, where we had a chance to spend time together in one big space.  We all loved having the chance to spend time together at arguably one of the most unique nights in our W&L career.

Jane Chiavelli, a sophomore, agreed that the gala was an important night for everyone to spend time together. 

“My favorite part of the gala was seeing everyone at the school come together, dressed in their best attire, to celebrate Mock Convention.”

If the Mock Convention Gala was any indicator of how Convention Weekend will be in February, we’d better be ready for a good time!