Photo credit: Emma Whittemore, '16


     If you missed the Delegate Fair on October 7th, I hate to break it to you...but you really missed out. Cannon Green transformed into something that resembled a political rally mixed with a small carnival. Students circled under the tent and stopped at each of the delegation's booths, gladly accepting free brownies from Indiana, pancakes from Vermont, and chips and guac' from Texas. The state chairs did a phenomenal job of making the fair a fun and entertaining event. Just ask Oregon--they brought a live duck.

    "My favorite part of the delegate fair was seeing how excited everyone was," said Rachel Adams-Heard, '16, social media chair of the Texas delegation. "It's cool to see the whole school get involved with something that's so important to our history and culture."

    Needless to say, the fair was a big hit among students and it marked the first major Mock Con event of the year. The atmosphere was almost electric on the green that afternoon.

    "The delegate fair went really well for Arizona; we have a smaller group than some of the other delegations, but everyone that joined was extremely excited to participate and I am definitely looking forward to getting to know everyone before convention weekend," said junior Katie Clemmons, Arizona state chair.

    The smooth sounds of "Georgia on My Mind" and Sinatra's hit "New York, New York" filled the warm Fall air with a hint of nostalgia. Even if they didn't choose to sign up with their home state, most students at least visited the booths of the states they are from to offer a friendly hello and maybe to buy a t-shirt.

    "We got a lot of Texas people who wanted to represent their state, as well as non-Texans who want to be a part of such a big delegation," Adams-Heard said. "As Lyle Lovett said, 'that's right, you're not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway'."

    Overall, the fair was a success, which bodes well for the rest of the year as Mock Con continues to unfold. Next stop: the gala!