Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 26th Washington and Lee University Mock Convention’s official home for news and information. On the road to 2016, we’ll be posting important announcements, updates on the research project, and other stories about our experiences as we work to predict the Republican Party’s next presidential nominee. Here’s a brief update on what we’ve accomplished so far, and where we hope to go:

The convention is just over a year away, and significant preparations have already begun. We have held information sessions, hosted Young Alumni Weekend and Parents and Family Weekend receptions, and established a rapport with the administration, Board of Trustees, and university community at large, all while laying the groundwork for a successful fundraising campaign and accurate research project.

 The organization’s membership has increased with this early activity. Eighteen months ago only the Tri-Chairs were directly involved. Today, 34 students across four departments play diverse roles, from photography to grant writing. In February, our numbers will more than double with the addition of 55 State Chairs. With the coming of Spring Kickoff, when state delegation sign-ups begin, we hope to continue our tradition of involving over 95 percent of W&L undergraduates

As we work to involve more students, members of the greater university community, and others tuned-in to the organization, this website will be the best place to find a window into our ongoing operations, our plans, and our goals as we move forward. 

On paper, the purpose of Mock Convention is to accurately predict the out-of-power political party’s presidential nominee, however, we hope to accomplish much more. Our mission is to create the best undergraduate political experience – to provide a platform for young people’s involvement in electoral politics and to capture the excitement of representative government in action. We hope you’ll join us as we work together to achieve that goal.


Andrew McCaffery '16

General Chair