Upcoming positions for hire

Communications Positions


The Communications Department is looking to hire someone with excellent writing, editing, and comprehension skills to assist with our printed and digital materials. This new role would have the responsibility of editing all of the Mock Convention copy and ensuring it is grammatically correct, as well as easy to read. Whoever fills this position must have a strong understanding of the English language as well as a mastery of grammar. We encourage all majors to apply, but a background in English or Journalism is a plus.


Mock Con needs your help to make our vision come to life. Exciting designs and graphics are a major part of Mock Con 2020, and we are looking for talented students to help us create our content! Whoever fills this position would be working closely with other designers on the team to create posters, banners, web content, and anything else we can think of!

 Requirements: Must have proficient design experience and knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (i.e. InDesign, Illustrator, and/or Photoshop).


This position is the backbone of all Mock Con Media; you can’t have a digital presence if you don’t have pictures. Whoever fills this position would be tasked with capturing every Mock Con event (info-sessions, silent auctions, tabling, etc.) and uploading the pictures to various platforms.

Requirements: Must own your own camera.


Mockconvention.com is the information hub for the entire convention. It is home to important dates, contact information, and by the time of the convention, it will have upwards of 50 different pages. That being the case, we are looking for someone to help manage the site, primarily our impending online store. Whoever fills this position will be tasked with working with the Memorabilia and Sales Chair and the Design Team to get all of the Mock Con “swag” onto our website, while maintaining our current style to make everything cohesive.

 Requirements: Must have web experience.


Seeing is believing, and that is why we are excited to offer this new position for Mock Convention 2020. The videographer for the convention would be in charge of capturing every event on camera, and compiling different dynamic videos to advertise our event. They would also be in charge of working with the university to get those videos featured around campus.

 Requirements: Must have video experience as well as your own camera. Editing proficiency (with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or other comparable editing application) recommended.

 Applications Available: September 25, 2018

Financial positions

Application Available: Winter, 2018

General Positions

Speakers Committee

Apply to serve as a member on the committee that selects and contacts the speakers for Mock Convention 2020. We are looking for individuals who are organized, good communicators, not afraid to utilize the Washington and Lee network, and are passionate about obtaining engaging speakers for the convention. 

Sustainability Chair

The Sustainability Chair will work with all members of the Mock Con team to promote green initiatives, particularly at the Presidential Gala and Convention Weekend. We’re looking for someone with a desire to reduce waste, a self-starter, and able to work with multiple teams at once when driving sustainability efforts. This position has the opportunity to work closely with the Lexington Community and to strengthen Mock Convention’s involvement with the town.

Application Available: September 25, 2018

Operations Positions

Accommodations Chair

The Accommodations Chair will assist with the booking of transportation, lodging, and any other needs for guests, speakers, and other VIPs at all Mock Convention events. This person will be expected to work closely with hotels and businesses in the Lexington area.

Design and Sales team member (Memorabilia)

A member of the Operations Department who works under the Memorabilia and Sales Chair to design and sell convention memorabilia. The team is known as the more creative side of Mock Con; however, all majors are encouraged to apply. Sales is equally as important as the design! Note: this position is different than the Designer position under the Communications Department. The Design and Sales Team will focus on designing and selling convention memorabilia, such as State Delegation T-shirts and other keepsakes. This team will assist operating the Mock Convention store both online and during the convention. Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

 What we're looking for:

  • Works well on a team

  • Organized and highly motivated

  • Interest in design/art/graphics

  • Interest in sales and store management

  • Creative, innovative and enjoys brainstorming

  • Able to receive criticism on work and openly critique others

  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite preferred, but not required

  • Past history of creating t-shirts from scratch is preferred, but not required

Director of Security

The Director of Security will work closely with the Logistics Chair, W&L Public Safety, and additional law enforcement agencies to ensure the safe execution of all Mock Convention events. This person will oversee a student security team, ensuring that everyone is well trained and aware of their specific roles at each event.

Parade Chair

The Operations department is looking for a highly organized individual with great communication skills and extensive experience in planning and coordinating large-scale events, such as parades or festivals. The Parade Chair must possess strong organizational leadership skills, a discerning eye for design and aesthetics, an ability to take charge, and must work well both as an authoritative figure in a leadership position and in smaller teams with others. The Parade Chair’s responsibilities will include the following: securing parade permits and contracts, organizing upwards of fifty state delegations’ floats (supervising the process of designing and building said floats), communicating with all state delegation heads and other community members involved in the parade, creating and communicating a thorough and detailed lineup and schedule for the parade day, taking measures to ensure safety of both students and community members on parade day, and being the main contact on site for parade setup, processional, and cleanup.

Applications Available: September 25, 2018

Political Positions

Meta Data Analyst

This position requires no political background. While basic political knowledge is an asset to our team, the Meta Data Analyst will be collecting and analyzing data above all. This position requires knowledge of Python, and an understanding of data structures and program design. The incoming analyst(s) will either work on “front end” or “back end” programming, based on the applicants demonstrated skill set. Front end programming will involve designing and programming graphing and analysis software, for use in understanding historical and current trends. Back end programming will center around creating our predictive model. All members of the Meta Data Team will be involved in collection of data and overall analysis within the Political Division.


  • Assist the meta data team in the aggregation of data 

  • Perform programming and creation of different software/graphs for the Political Division

Platform Committee Chair

The Democratic Primary in 2020 provides not only an opportunity for Democrats to vote for their preferred nominee, but also to create their own platform for the new cycle. As part of our research mission, we will also be constructing a mock Democratic platform to present at the 27th Mock Convention. The Platform Chair will lead the effort to research and draft a mock platform and will work in tandem with the other teams within the Political Division to ensure that the platform is accurate in its predictive nature. Candidates do not need to have an extensive knowledge of the Democratic Party or previous platforms to apply, but are expected to have strong research, analysis, and writing skills, alongside a basic knowledge of America’s electoral and political history.


  • Conduct research on Democratic Platform 

  • Write a mock Democratic Platform for 2020 

  • Lead a team of other analysts focusing on perfecting a mock Democratic platform

Regional Chairs (7 positions)

The Regional Chairs are a fundamental part of the Political Division’s “Trident Strategy” for predicting the Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 2020. These individuals will become experts on the political geography and climate of their region and be a leading force in determining how that region will vote through their own expertise, research, and coordination of research by state chairs. Regional Chairs are expected to develop and maintain different research/political contacts in their region. In-depth knowledge of the region’s politics is not needed to apply, but candidates must have strong research, analysis, and leadership skills, alongside an adept knowledge of America’s electoral and political history.


  • To oversee state chairs in assigned region 

  • Help to develop and maintain contacts in region 

  • Conduct research

Applications Available: September 25, 2018