This round of applications for Mock Convention 2020 will close on February 19, 2018 at 11:59 pm. Decisions will be made following the February break.

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1. Compose a letter promoting Mock Convention to a potential speaker of your choice, and convince said speaker to agree to speak at the Convention.
1. As of the date of your application, name your current top three picks for the 2020 Democratic Nominee, and explain why. You may use any sources you deem appropriate, so long as you cite the source. 2. After the election, many were astonished at the wild inaccuracies of the polls and their failure to capture a sizeable support base for Trump. How can these inaccuracies be better addressed for the 2020 cycle? Hypothesize at least 2 ways.
1. With the culmination of the 2016 Election, there have been some deep divides in the Democratic Party. How did these divides happen, and in what direction do you predict the party will lean towards in 2020? 2. How strongly do you think super delegates will influence the 2020 Democratic primaries? For example, do you think they will have a strong pull on deciding who the nominee will be, or do you think the Democratic Party consider the call from Senator Tim Kaine on eliminating super delegates? Explain.
1. The media has covered several cases of Russian interference via social media bots that have actively spread fake news, consequently influencing public opinion. How can these bots be taken into account when analyzing social media trends during the 2020 primaries? Explain. 2. Construct a query using either Facebook or Twitter API to find a collection of posts that mention both “Donald Trump” and “ice cream” in the past day. Copy your query for your answer. No explanation required.
1. What accounting/budgeting experience do you have? Give dollar amounts worked with and position held in organization.
1. Propose a design for the Presidential Gala, complete with location and theme. Be as detailed as possible and keep cost, decorations, and other logistics in mind.
1. Describe, in detail, a range of items that Mock Convention can sell or distribute to garner enthusiasm for the Convention. Consider the potential audiences for these items, be that alumni, students, faculty, etc.
1. Propose an event to raise enthusiasm and encourage participation in Mock Con that would involve the entire W&L community. Lay out the specifics in full; keep details such as timing, venue, and potential costs in mind.
1. Imagine: The dining hall has decided that it will no longer serve chocolate chip cookies, only oatmeal raisin. Write a press release explaining this decision to the student body. Do so diplomatically; defend the sudden and unpopular change and spin it as a positive.
1. Write 3 tweets announcing each of the following (remember tweets have a character limit): a) A Mock Convention cupcake fundraiser in Commons. b) The theme of the Presidential Gala (feel free to come up with your own). c) Kanye West as a convention speaker. 2. Come up with a potential slogan for the 2020 Democratic Mock Convention.
Ensure that all required aspects of the form are answered. Once you have completed the application, please submit. Once you have submitted your online application, please email your resume to